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BeauBaba Savings Club

BeauBaba Savings Club

Welcome to the BeauBaba Savings Club!

Our Savings Club is all about helping spread the cost of those must-have purchases, while also rewarding our members with extra bonuses.

With our ever-increasing range of brands, and option to also ask us to order in items for you, it is a great time to set up your BeauBaba Savings Club, and benefit from our special Savers bonuses!

Our Savings Club is very simple, your savings are converted to our very special BeauCoins, which are always there in your account, ready to use whenever, and on whatever you like!

So how do you join?

Our Savings Club is set up via subscription, which is managed by PayPal.

This means you choose a fixed amount each month. to add to your BeauBaba Savings.

There are a range of options available, from £10 a month, up to £100 a month. 

As a Savings Club member you get extra value for your money too... so if you sign up for a £10 monthly subscription, we will actually credit your account with £10.50 every month for as long as your subscription is running. And the more you subscribe, the bigger the extra value... if you are saving £100 per month, we would add £110 worth of BeauCoins to your account, every month your subscription is running.

Why have a BeauBaba Saving Club?

It spreads out the cost of those must-have purchases.

You get extra value from your BeauCoins!

When you choose to spend your BeauCoins, you will also earn more BeauCoins to spend later too!

There are also no restrictions on what you can buy with your BeauCoins - new in, sale, mystery bundles - they are all available to purchase, using your BeauCoins.

Saving Club members will have access to special promotions and offers.

For BeauBaba Savings Club members who have been on a subscription plan of £25 a month or more, for a minimum of three consecutive months, there will also be the opportunity to join the BeauBaba VIP Club with added benefits, including priority access to New Season drops, BeauBaba Flash Sales and BeauBaba Mystery Bundles!

Please see our terms and conditions for full details of the BeauBaba Savings Club.

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